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Construction and equipping of squash courts

Squash courts are not common in Egypt and are rarely found in clubs and youth centers.
Squash courts are one of the most uncommon playgrounds as they are not available in all clubs and youth centers
We provide school-recognized squash courts. clubs. Sports centers and so on. With styling
The technologically advanced and distinctive sound system makes the squash court highly efficient. Squash court floors are made of
Wooden parquet to ensure good ball bounce and stability. Squash courts are designed to withstand repeated use of synthetic materials
which minimizes construction costs and maximizes craftsmanship. The squash court is made up of metal plates. wooden floors.
Glass back walls and front and back walls.

Squash courts

Squash Court Components

Side walls

  • Made of gypsum-based polyester to avoid shrinkage and cracking of the walls due to the impact and pressure of the ball
  • Good rebounding and player performance

Front walls

are sheets of pressed wood. The spaces between the front wall and the wooden boards are filled with silica sand, which provides sound absorption, shock absorption and good bounce of the ball.

Squash court flooring

Squash court floors are made of parquet (wooden flooring) to ensure stability and ball bounce.

Back walls

  • Durable and safe
  • Easy to install
  • Good bounce and performance of the ball and conforms to international standards

Squash court boards

The metal panels are built on both sides of the court’s pivot panel. Panels are made to our specifications. On Squash Courts

Traditionally, metal panels stand at the front and side play lines, but if you want to extend the panels to the ceiling or if you

You’d rather put panels in the ceiling. We can meet that.

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