Establishing and equipping tennis courts

Al-Sabeel Group for Sports Facilities is a leading company in providing the most advanced tennis court construction services in the market according to ITF international standards approved by the International Tennis Federation



Alhambra stadiums are more common in professional matches, such as the Grand Slam tournaments, and the Australian and US championships and are characterized by easy installation, shock absorption, versatility, durability and relatively low cost.


Acrylic floors

Al Sabeel Group offers for sports facilities acrylic floors that are designed to meet the highest technical standards and international quality, as they are characterized by high performance and are the best choice for tennis courts and multi-purpose courts due to the non-slip surface, flexible structure, ease of play and shock absorption for players, while achieving high durability and long-term life.


Natural / artificial grass

Al-Sabeel Group provides sports facilities with a special quality of (unfill) artificial turf, where it is played directly without the need to add rubber granules. It also provides natural grass fields according to the standards of the International Federation of Game.


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