Al Sabeel Group for Sports Establishments is an Egyptian joint stock company that is a member of the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors. It holds the ISO 9001 certificate for the year 2020 and therefore is considered a basic partner in developing the sports infrastructure in Egypt as it specializes in establishing and developing all types of sports facilities and owns many agencies for major international companies accredited by different sports federations, which helps us support our customers by providing integrated services with international quality and prices Competitive in record time


About us!


The company's mission and vision

Company mission

Satisfying our customers by providing distinctive and advanced services and materials certified in accordance with international standards and guaranteed through after-sales services performed by the best technicians who work to provide their best expertise in the field.

Company vision

For Al Sabeel Group for sports facilities to be a global company that works with high responsibility and takes creativity and innovation as an approach to it and provides high-quality competitive products that meet the needs of its customers and contribute to motivating its employees and achieving the aspirations of its shareholders to become the first choice for everyone who wants to establish and develop sports stadiums

What we do


Building sports stadiums

Constructing and building sports stadiums and covered halls in all its stages of infrastructure, playgrounds, stands, lighting systems, irrigation, drainage and others in accordance with the latest international quality standards approved by the state sports federations FIF ITF “IAAF” by a team of our best experts to ensure long-term results and improve sports performance.


After-sales service

There is a specialized department to follow up clients and respond to their requests after project delivery to provide after-sales and maintenance services


Improvement and upgrading of efficiency

We have a department specialized in providing innovative solutions with the best technologies applied in the shortest period of time.


Consulting services and a feasibility study

We have specialized teams for feasibility studies for all types of sports projects