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We provide the finest quality imported playground accessories and materials with a guarantee from Abaza Sports Group , and we install them with skilled technicians and under the direct supervision of experienced engineers.

Playground accessories

Display screens

Introduce the latest variety of displays, scoreboards, and video

Netting for playgrounds

Provided the best specifications and pentagonal metrics / Hexagonal / Legal and of the highest quality the Materials that withstand temperature and weathering include cotton, polyester, and polyester. blended silk. pure silk. Plastic

Stadium goal

We provide The finest types of playground goals with the highest safety standards according to international standards

Playground accessories
Playground accessories

Basketball Goals

We provide all types of basketball poles and boards with European specifications and different sizes

Audience seats

We save The audience seats are made of polypropylene. They are manufactured by gas injection. The material used delays ignition

Resistant to sunlight

Strength to protect against overloads

Easy to clean

Playground accessories
Playground accessories


Provide a full range of lighting from indoors to outdoors with high quality and low maintenance costs

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