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Construction and equipping of padel tennis courts

Padel Courts

Padel Tennis is a game adapted from tennis that has been played for more than a century and is a fast and reactive game. Gained popularity in Dubai and Egypt where local tournaments and leagues are frequently organized
Abaza Sports Group , builds and equips international-standard quality padel tennis courts with a focus on quality, durability and meeting installation requirements. It also offers after-sales maintenance and installation services for playgrounds
There are two ways to create a Padel Tennis court
– Choose a suitable wall in the venue (such as the back wall of the clubhouse) with level ground in front of it, then prepare and plan the pitch.
– Making, leveling, painting, and tiling a wooden or brick wall

Construction and equipping of padel tennis courts

Paddle Playground Preparation

Compared to tennis, court structure is one of the main differences between tennis padel and tennis
– The padel court is smaller and surrounded by walls that allow the ball to bounce
– A padel is about one-third the size of a tennis court. This means that the tracks are much shorter than in tennis.
– In accordance with internationally established rules. The padel tennis court is 20 x 10 meters
– The tennis court is also rectangular in shape but is 23.78 meters long and 8.23 meters wide for singles and 10.97 meters for doubles. There are no walls on either side.
– The floor of the padel courts is made of synthetic turf.
– Tennis court flooring in synthetic turf, red, acrylic or tartan
– Net height in padel tennis, center 0.88 meters, tip height 0.92 meters. In tennis, center 0.914 meters, ribs 1.07 meters
– Gameplay is one of the most obvious differences between the two sports.
in padel tennis. The ball is allowed to bounce and hit the ground. All games are played in pairs. Which means there are players on each side. In tennis, singles matches are more common and more popular, and the tennis racket is larger, which means its area of influence is much larger than that of a padel racket. The racket is also made of nylon yarn instead of carbon fiber. It also has openings that facilitate the passage of air.
– in padel tennis. Its diameter varies between 6.32 and 6.77 centimeters. in yellow or green colors.
– in tennis. The ball is about 6.7 cm in diameter in yellow, green or blue colors.
– Finally. Another difference between padel and tennis has to do with referees. ….. In tennis. Along with judges and line judges. There is a technological device that needs cameras and sensors to ensure justice ….. In padel tennis. Only one referee is needed.

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Padel Playgrounds Implementation

Artificial turf padel courts are manufactured in a large number of colors but blue is the most common; the court lines are outlined in white. Nylon is made from polyethylene and synthetic nylon sutures are made from polypropylene.

The base layer of padel courts in Egypt is characterized by hardness and is not specific to a particular type. However, it must be spreadable, flat and without any slopes or protrusions, i.e. flat surface.

Padel Tennis Courts in Egypt

Padel Tennis is one of the oldest games that started in Egypt in 2014. It is a fast, reaction-based game.

There are two ways to create a tennis padel court:

  • The first method: Choose a suitable wall in the venue (such as the back wall of the clubhouse) with level ground in front of it, then prepare and plan the playground.
  • The second method: Make a wooden or brick wall, level it, paint it, and tile the playground.

Abaza Sports Group designs the best padel courts in Egypt; the company builds and equips padel tennis courts according to international quality standards, focusing on quality and durability after the sale and installation of the courts.

The cost of padel courts

Prices for padel courts vary depending on a number of factors:

  • Pitch size .
  • Space .
  • The quality of the material.
  • The nature of the site.
  • The extent to which it needs to be equipped before construction. Pitch

Padel Playground Companies – Abaza Sports Group

Although there are many companies that prepare and equip padel courts, Abaza Sports Group is the best company for the implementation and construction of padel courts. This is for a number of reasons:

  • It has the experience to be one of the first to create padel courts.
  • It has many branches in all governorates.
  • It is characterized by reliability, security, and good planning.
  • Adhere to the dates that have been agreed upon with the customer.
  • Availability of highly trained and specialized labor.
  • It relies on the finest materials and the latest equipment in the preparation and construction of stadiums.
  • Offering the best prices.

When considering padel courts. It is necessary to choose a good company that will build and implement the stadium according to the required specifications. Among the most prominent of these companies is Hilso, which installs, equips and implements all types of playgrounds at the highest level.