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Faculty Of Sports Education, Sohag University
  • Categories:2 multi-court acrylic system 
  • Client:Faculty Of Sports Education, Sohag University
  • Location:Egypt-Sohag

  • Surface Area: 
  • Date :2019 

2 complete multi-court acrylic system

(soft) consisting of 7 layers

Acrylic subject is European origin approved by sports federations ,the product consists of 9 layers:

First layer: Primer layer (Courtsol) for processing base layer to receive the first product layers

Second layer: Acrylic layer (Courstol Rebase BP) mixed with special materials for floor correction (self – leveling).

Third layer: Prepare the floor with (Cushion Base) consist of mixed with granulated rubber S1 to give flexibility to the product.

Fourth layer:  Preparing ground with second layer to give flexibility.

Fifth layer: Cushion layer softer than Acrylic.

The sixth layer: Adding another layer as the last one.

Seventh layer : Layer of Acrylic (Courtsol Rebase)to fill pores of the floor to receive the second layer.

Eighth layer: Another base of layer from Acrylic linoleum (Coursol colored Resitop) high density after base layer and prepared to receive the next layer.

The ninth layer: Final layer of Acrylic consist of  by Coursol Color Resitop with the requested color and it is anti – slip , Friction and corrosion-proof and UV resistant.

Color chart: coloring by white Acrylic with the international standards

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